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PLEASE NOTE: Our drawing and illustration service is currenlty fully booked and once these projects are done we will be taking a haitus to work on some new Picsee projects. We will therefore not be taking on any new illustration projects for the forseable future. If any spaces do become available we'll be announcing it on our Facebook and Twitter pages so make sure to follow us on there if you'd like to get some drawings made in this wee workshop.

As you might or might not know, we are the Royally appointed artists of her Majesty the Tooth Faery. It's a rather impressive and quite an important job for wee artists like us...but all she ever wants us to draw is teeth (and the occasional tusk) which can get a wee bit boring as you can most certainly imagine! That's why we tend to be quite interested whenever we hear about other art projects that might need to hire some skilled scribblers. So, if you have a picture that you need drawn and it's not a picture of a tooth, then we would love to hear about it and who knows...maybe we get a page or two up on our wee drawing board for you!

We wanted to tell you a bit about the process we would use if we were to make some art pictures for you...The journey usually starts with you telling us your ideas which we will shake around in our heads to form some wee pictures. Then we make some scribbles! This is a very important part, it's where the picture gets its heart. Sometimes everything will come together in the very first scribble we do and other times it might take more scribbles than we can count...either way, we give each and every picture all the time they need to be just right.

Once we've captured that wee bit of magic that every drawing needs, it's time to add some detail and give it personality. And so those scribbles get re-drawn a few times and become a sketch. This is where the drawing really takes shape. It's also a very exciting part of the journey for you because at this point you get to have a wee sneak peak of the picture! Of course it's still a rough sketch at this stage but it will give you a good idea of how the final picture will look.

From here there is just one thing left to do and that's the final artwork! Time to get our best pencils and paper out (or our special computer tools if you wanted a digi-drawing) and re-draw the sketch one final time with every little detail in place, every shadow and every line exactly where they need to be and there you have it...a lovely new art picture all done. And that is more or less our process...we hope it gave you an interesting peak into the way we work and showed you why each picture we make is special to us and why we believe it would be just as special to you.

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