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This is the online picture portfolio of our drawing & illustration service where we'll be sharing some of the work we've done in our wee workshop, be it story book illustrations, character design, faery portraits or even a customised tattoo or two. We hope you enjoy the selection we currently have on show...

A few drawings we did from an upcoming book

written by Georgette Mayes ~

A while ago we made some drawings for a storybook that was written by Georgette Mayes. It's filled with wonderful wee characters like Ruda Baega Gingeaman the earthen faerie, a wee little worm called Grimley and an elderly spider know as Wilda Webster Mae who's drawings you can all see below. The book iteself is yet to be published and we don't know when it will become available but when it does we'll be sure to let you know about it on our home page.

the Earthen Faery named Ruda

Ruda Gingeaman the earthen faerie

Graphite pencil on paper

Grimley and Gersvin the wee inch worms

Two wee worms named Grimley (left) & Gersvin (right)

Graphite pencil on paper

an Elderly Spider named Wilda Webster Mae

An elderly spider named Wilda Webster Mae

Graphite pencil on paper

Some of the goblins we drew for

a story book written by Charlotte E. English ~

We were very excited when Lady Charlotte asked us to draw some pictures for her latest book. There were many reasons for all this excitement but the one that really caught our attention was the fact that this book was all about goblins...and we love to draw goblins! You can see three of the drawings we made below. There's Drig who's a wee goblin sidekick, Maggin the landlord of the notorious Motley Inn and last but not least, you can see the mysterious Mister Green and Mister Grunewald.

The story is set in the Lincolnshire Wolds, 1812. It follows housemaid Bessie Bell who is swept far beyond the shores of England and into Faerie Aylfenhame where dangers untold await in the Goblinlands...but we don't want to give anything away, best you ready the story yourself. You can order your own copy from Charlotte's website. Here's the link:

Drig the goblin sidekick

Drig, a goblin sidekick.

Graphite pencil on paper

Mister Grunewald and Mister Green

Mister Green (left) & Mister Grunewald (right)

Graphite pencil on paper

Maggin the Goblin Inn keeper

Maggin, landlord of the Motley Inn

Graphite pencil on paper

A couple of drawings we made for

a fairy tale written by the Fairy Maker ~

If you like fairies you probably know Lady Kara The Fairy Maker and the lovely fairy jars she makes for special little fairy keepers...but did you also know she wrote a story about a wee faerie called Caitlin and her journey to find her very own Fairy Keeper! It's true, she did! And she asked us to make the drawings for this lovely little book...like the two pictures below. We drew them both using a computer, usually we only use pencils for our drawings but in this case we think switching to a computer pen was the perfect choice.

You can visit the Fairy Maker's page where you can get more details about the book and see all the lovely wee fairy folk she makes. Here's her page: https://www.facebook.com/TheFairymaker

Caitlin and her Fairy keeper

a fairy called Caitlin and her fairy keeper

Digital illustration

the Fairy Maker at work

The fairy maker making one of her special fairy jars

Digital illustration

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