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Every artwork and project is completely unique. We are therefore open to discuss each piece and/or project with you and where possible we will adapt our basic terms and conditions to fit theses needs. All changes to the basic terms and conditions needs to be discussed before the project starts and has to be agreed upon in writing. Please note that you will be commissioning artwork from "Once Upon A Workshop" and not from "the Picsees"

Upon your acceptance of both A - the quotation (to be sent via email) and B - these terms & conditions - with or without amendments, and my acceptance to take on the project a contract will be formed between you (the Client) and me (the Artist). You will be given an approximate start date for your project and an estimate on how long it will take to complete. The accuracy of the start date depends on the current work schedule and how far ahead our workshop is booked. I always do my best to work within these time frames but due to the nature of any creative work exact times can not be guaranteed. Both parties have the right to cancel this contract up to two week before the start of the project after which the non-refundable deposit become payable.

The amount of artworks to be created for each project will be agreed upon before the project starts and cannot be changed once the work has started. If any additional artwork is requested after the start of the project this will be treated as a completely new project with no exceptions. Each new project will need to be discussed and agreed by both parties and will have a new start date and time line.

All artwork created will be the artists interpretation of the project and the information supplied by you. Artistic licence will be used where needed. If any artwork is to be based on existing characters and/or artwork we assume you have the rights to use their likeness. I accept no responsibility for any copyright infringements arising from any descriptions, in any form, supplied to me.
All artwork will be done within style of the artist. I will not mimic the work and/or style of another artist.

During the process I will show you a "work in progress" sketch. This will be in the form of a rough sketch to give you an idea of what the final artwork will look like. In certain instances I might also show you multiple sketches to choose from. (You will be supplied with log-in details and a link to a personal non-public web page [or pages] create for your project where you can view this "work in progress" sketch. This page [or pages] and all artwork on it is strictly for example purposes and will only be accessible during the project. This page [or pages] may not be accessed by anyone who is not directly involved in the project and no part of it may be shared or downloaded by anyone in any from without prior written consent. All rights of all the content the page [or pages] remain that of the artist. You will have no claim or rights to any of the example artwork shown on these page [or pages]. You will only be granted the rights agreed upon in your quotation for the final artwork which will be sent to you - as explained in the last paragraph of this section, and only once all payments are received. All discarded characters, designs, compositions etc that is not used for your final artwork/s may be re-used for other projects.)

At this point you are invited to give feedback on the artwork and I will make adjustments within reason if needed. Please note that a lot of thought goes into every part of the artwork to create a visual harmony and balance. Every change, no matter how small will have an impact on the drawing as a whole and might call for the need to make other larger changes. If any changes are needed these will be completed and the "work in progress" sketch will be updated for you to review the changes. At this point I will allow for one more set of minor changes only to the updated elements of the artwork if needed. If any further changes are requested after this it will be charged for at an additional 50% of the quote price for the picture. If the project consists of multiple artworks the aforementioned process will be completed for each drawing before the final artworks are started.

Depending on the project the final artwork will be done either digitally with a graphic tablet or by hand on high quality paper (white or off-white) with graphite pencils or ink unless otherwise agreed in writing at the start of the project. Low resolution examples of the final artwork will be loaded onto the "work in progress" page for you to see. At this point each artwork will be given a title which can be seen on the "work in progress" page underneath each image. The titles will usually be based on the character or an event in the drawing. This will be the official title for the artwork and will be used for record keeping, any future reference to the artwork and the copyrights. (If you wish to change a title please let me know immediately)

Once final payment is received we will supply you with the artwork in the format or formats you require/requested. This will usually be either in the form of (A) digital copies at the required resolution (sent to you via email or Dropbox) or (B) physical artwork (sent to you via post) or (C) both digital copies and physical artwork. The format/s you will receive will be specified in your quotation (with option A being the standard format) or will be confirmed in writing (email) before the project starts. All artwork is made to specification so if you are in any way unsure about what format you will receive please ask before the project starts and I can confirm this in writing for you.

I work with a standard 50/50 payment unless otherwise agreed in writing before the start of the project. A 50% non-refundable deposit of the total quoted price is payable at the start of the project and the other 50% is payable once the project is completed. You will receive the final artwork (digital and/or original artwork) only once the complete payment is received. You will receive an invoice for both payments via email and payments can be made via PayPal or direct bank transfer. If needed a printed copy of the invoice can be mailed to you. If the project is terminated for any reason before completion you will be charged for all work done up to that point.

Copyright Terms.
Unless otherwise stated the price quoted for the project will include only the necessary rights you need to use the artwork for the intended purpose as specified by yourself at the start of the project. If additional right are to be included a summary of these rights will be specified in the quote and/or agreed upon in writing before the project starts. All other rights remain the property of the artist. If additional rights are needed after the quote was accepted this can be requested and an additional quote may be worked out for you to obtain those rights. Unless specifically stated in writing the artwork may not be used for any commercial purposes, be reproduced, copied, redistributed, changed or published in any way or form. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, either "The Picsees" or "OnceUponAWorkshop.com" must be credited as the creators of the artwork (e.g. artwork by the Picsees) whenever the artwork is published in any form (including posting it to social media) and it must always include either the word "copyright" or the symbol "©" and the year the artwork was created along with the owner of the copyrights e.g. "© onceuponaworkshop.com 2016" to ensure the artwork is not used or reproduced without permission. (When publishing on social media the aforementioned copyright text must be on the actual image because images can be downloaded and re-posted elsewhere - I am happy to supply you with digital copies that include this in tiny semi-transparent text at the bottom of the image for this purpose). If you are unsure when posting an artwork on social media please contact me before the time and I can advise and/or review what you plan to post. Better safe than sorry, this is to protect both our rights.

Editing and/or Changing of Artwork
Other than cropping and re-sizing no artwork may be edited, changed or manipulated in any way without prior written consent and approval. This includes colouring or being used as part of a collage.

Subject Matter
I create artwork that can be enjoyed by all ages. I will not illustrate any subject matter that I regared as explicit, offensive, hatefull or discriminatory. I will also not illustrate scenes depicting violence, including scenes suggesting a violent act may or did occured. If you are unsure of any of this please discuss this with me before the project starts.

Conflicts of Interest
Before you supply me with any of the REFERENCE MATERIAL AND DESCRIPTIONS as discussed in the section below please only give me a VERY BASIC summary of your project idea and/or story. Please do not include any specific details, character traits and/or major plot points. This is especially important with regards to inquires for book and story illustrations but is relevant to all projects. Since I work with other writers and artists and also write stories and create characters myself it is important to ensure we don't have any conflicts of interest with similar stories, characters or general ideas. If there appears to be a conflict I will unfortunately not be able to do that specific project for you.

Reference Materials and Descriptions.
When commissioning a single non-portrait artwork (for example: a picture for your wall or a tattoo design) and once we've extablished there is no CONFLICT OF INTEREST (see previous section), please supply me with a short but detailed description of what you have in mind for the artwork. I might have additional/follow up question to ensure I create the best possible artwork for you.

When commissioning an artwork that includes the likeness of a specific person or object (for example: a portrait or Faeriefication) and once we've extablished there is no CONFLICT OF INTEREST (see previous section), please supply me with a short but detailed description of what you have in mind as discussed above. In addition to this, please also supply me with a minimum of 3 different photo references of the person/s or object/s that you want to feature in the artwork. Please ensure that the photos are all from a similar angle and include the whole face (including the hair) or the complete object. Also ensure that the photos are of a decent quality, decent size and are all in focus. Without good reference photos it's not possible to create a good likeness of the person or object in question. If you are not able to supply this I will therfore not be able to do the commission for you.
NB: When commissioning an artwork featuring a person/s please ensure you have permission from the person/persons/parent/guardian to use their likeness.
When commissioning an artwork featuring an objects, please note that I will not include brands/logos patented shapes etc due to both copyright and personal reasons.

When commissioning multiple artworks (for example: book illustrations) and once we've extablished there is no CONFLICT OF INTEREST (see previous section), please supply me with a selection of options/scenes to choose from. These can be supplied in either a short but detailed summary of what you have in mind for each artwork or by supplying an excerpt from your book/play etc describing the scene/character etc. I might have additional/follow up question to ensure I create the best possible artwork for you.
Unless otherwise agreed upon before the starts of the project, please always supply at least 50% more option/scenes for me to chose from that the amount of final artworks needed. For example, if you want 4 illustrations for a storybook, please give me a selection of 6 possible scenes to illustrate. Although every scene in a book can be illustrated some will always translate better into an artwork than others and I want to ensure I do only the best ones for your project. (Please note that for this reason I usually do not create artwork for books that requires a picture on every single, or ever second page).

PLEASE NOTE: Regarding all reference material and/or descriptions supplied to me - I am not responsible for obtaining permission and will not be held responsible in any way for recreating the likeness of a person, character, object, text etc from reference material and/or descriptions supplied to me. This is your sole responsibility. I assume all reference material and/or descriptions supplied to me is your intellectual property and/or you have the right to use it as such.

I showcase a selection of commissioned artworks in my portfolio. This might be in a physical portfolio or on my website (www.onceuponaworkshop.com) and also on my social media pages (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Wherever I use an artwork commissioned by you for portfolio purpose you will be given credit as the person who commissioned the work (unless of course you wish to remain anonymous). If you do not wish to have artwork commsionded by you to appear in our portfolio and or social media pages this has to be mention before the project starts (This might also affect the price quoted to create the artwork).
Please take note that I carefully choose which artwork to showcase in my portfolio and/or social media pages based on many different factors. This means that not all commisioned artwork will be used in my portfolio, website or shared on social media pages. This is in no way a reflection on the artwork created, the project and/or subject matter and artworks that are showcased is in no way an endosment.

These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time without notification. Should any relevant updates happen during a project you will be notified of these via email. If anything is unclear or you have any questions please contact us and we'll do our best to anser your questions as quick as we can.

// Last updated: 25 March 2017

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